Fun and Function success story

Boosting revenue with AI-powered lifecycle automation

Fun and Function was started by Aviva and Haskel Weiss because they couldn’t find kid-friendly sensory tools for their family’s needs. Aviva’s expertise as an occupational therapist goes into each part of this company and their unique products. Their mission is to empower kids and adults with special needs to reach their full potential.

Fun and Function set a goal to increase repeat purchases outside of seasonal peaks. They found that it was difficult to personalize the exact relevant email messaging and optimal time for each individual customer, due to a broad population of families, school districts, clinics, daycare centers and early intervention programs.

Fun and Function used ReSci’s automated lifecycle stages by simply adding email templates, and the artificial intelligence did the rest.

Personalized products were sent to users who were algorithmically determined to be Ready to Buy, while timely blog articles were sent to users who were between purchases and Needed Nurturing. The best templates and subject lines were sent to each user without wasting sends on manual A/B testing, and the models constantly self-optimized over time. The elite marketing team at Fun and Function created beautiful and content-rich emails, with brand focused and highly engaging subject lines, which powered the artificial intelligence to deliver even better results than expected.



increase in repeat purchase rate


increase in email revenue


increase in Google Analytics conversion rate


decrease in unsubscribe rate


“ReSci’s predictive technology enables us to focus on each customer’s interest, lifting engagement and conversions. The ReSci team adds the human element, sharing their strategic perspective and responding quickly to any issues.”

–Daniela Weiss, CMO, Fun and Function