Hollar success story

How AI helped Hollar’s customers find their favorite treasures

So. Much. Good. Stuff. Hollar is the internet’s dollar store. They’ve revolutionized the e-commerce space by offering trusted, brand name items at up to 90% off retail. In doing so, they’ve transformed the stale brick and mortar dollar store experience into an addicting online shopping experience where you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Hollar has an extensive catalogue of products spanning a wide variety of categories, including toys, home goods, beauty, groceries, and more. With an ever growing catalogue, the challenge for the Hollar team was identifying which items to notify clients about. The vast number of possible segmentations soon became unmanageable, and the marketing team needed a way to simplify their email communications while accurately identifying the right users.

ReSci’s intelligent item email notifications provided an automated and scalable solution for communicating with Hollar’s customers. The accuracy of ReSci’s predicted item affinity ensured a true personalized experience. The New Arrivals, Price Drop and Item Back in Stock algorithms leveraged historical data to understand the impact of item changes in the expansive product catalog. The artificial intelligence then notified the customers that would be most interested in these changes generating increases in the metrics that matter most.



increase in new arrival conversion rate


increase in average items per order


increase in average order value


hours saved per week


“ReSci is a game changer. We saw significant wins across all email metrics. Their technology put us massively ahead of schedule from a personalization and engagement marketing standpoint.”

– Senior Director, Marketing