Olay’s success story

Converting more customers by using AI powered automation

Olay was built on the belief that “lanolin” can keep skin looking youthful, which created the “anti-aging” skincare category. Today, Olay is one of the largest personal care brands with a plethora of products sold in over 80 countries, reaching over $2.8 billion in sales each year.


Customers now expect a personalized experience from brands, which impacts how they respond to messaging. In addition, the emergence of direct-to-consumer brands have increased competition within the beauty space. Olay sought a solution that could provide a more personalized, relevant experience to customers, and how they could innovate to stay ahead of the competition.


ReSci’s artificial intelligence platform predicts a customer’s propensity to purchase through machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis—all without a team of data analysts. ReSci delivers personalized content and product recommendations to Olay’s customers through emails and social ads.

This increases engagement, and reduces customer purchase time by more than half. ReSci also measures product replenishment cycles based on each customer’s purchasing frequency. Automated emails are sent based on how often and/or how soon each product needs to be replenished, which increased both average order value and revenue.