The Perfect Snacks Success Story

perfect bar

How Perfect Snacks helps customers pick their perfect flavor

Perfect Snacks — Maker of the Original Refrigerated Protein Bar, and an ever-expanding range of nutritious snacks — was founded out of the love of family and whole food nutrition. Fresh, whole food ingredients are always the best choices and eating healthy on-the-go should be as delicious as it is nutritious.

After dramatically raising its acquisition traffic by focusing on digital marketing efforts with the help of, Perfect Snacks quickly realized they needed to invest in retaining all these new customers at scale.

Download our case study to see how Perfect Snacks utilized AI to provide personalized recommendations that increased purchases.



Increase in average order value


Decrease in time to repeat purchase


Increase in open rates

“ReSci is invaluable to our greater digital strategy as it provides optimization and automation that otherwise would be at the time expense of our team. The results support our goals as a brand, and offer a more personal experience for our fans.”

-Jeff Perkel, Director of E-Commerce & Digital