Rothy’s success story

Boosting revenue with AI-powered lifecycle automation

Delivering style, comfort and environmental awareness, Rothy’s provides beautifully designed, versatile shoes with the ease of a sneaker and the polish of a dress shoe, by turning recycled materials into low waste, low impact, and high-quality footwear.

As Rothy’s emerged as a powerhouse for alternative footwear, manual triggers and batch-and-blast emails without personalization just weren’t cutting it anymore. Rothy’s needed an accessible technology that would automate and scale their lifecycle communication to their rapidly growing fanbase. In order to deliver a world-class customer experience and not miss any insights, they needed a platform that could quickly adapt to microscopic changes in consumer behavior.

Rothy’s uses ReSci’s AI software to effortlessly expand their customer communication beyond simple triggers. ReSci’s predictive Lead Scoring model identifies visitors with high vs low purchasing intent and automatically targets them with the right message.

Hence, Rothy’s is able to tailor their communication based on each customer’s unique interaction with the brand. In addition, ReSci is able to predict which existing customers are becoming disengaged, and automates Rothy’s win back email messages to reduce customer churn rate.



increase in conversion rate for cart abandonment campaigns


increase in conversion rate for win-back campaigns

“ReSci is an incredibly innovative marketing software. It disrupts tried and true traditional principles of marketing, putting decisions in the shared hands of AI and marketers and driving efficiency and ROI through the roof.

Integration took less than 2 weeks, then ReSci automates all of our lifecycle marketing communication so my team does not have to guess and set up rules for trigger campaigns. As a result, they focus on delivering the best content and experience to our customers. It’s like a self-driving Tesla — exciting and a little scary at first. I’d recommend them to only the most visionary marketers!”

–Meghan Cast, Chief Marketing Officer