State & Liberty’s success story

Innovation with artificial intelligence and automation

Professional hockey player, Lee Moffie, co-founded State & Liberty to create the perfect fitting apparel for men with athletic builds. They were able to achieve this by basing clothing measurements on professional hockey players. The brand offers shirts, polos, pants, and coats with their athletic-fitting, performance fabrics.

Accurately creating segments was a manual and time consuming process. The lack of time and resources required their marketing team to do guesswork on customer behavior, send times and frequencies. This resulted in treating most customers the same regardless of where they were in the customer lifecycle. They were also seeking more innovative marketing features not offered by their traditional linear flow based email provider.



Revenue increase (AI vs Manual flows)


Conversion rate increase


Average order value increase

“We’re all taught to do things the same way. We wanted to do things differently, and work with something fresh and cutting-edge. Cortex gives us the ability to focus on high-level strategy, while it processes data to deliver the best experience to customers. Breaking out of the traditional flow based marketing has to be one of the best things we’ve done for our business and we encourage others to do the same.

– Jake Allain, Chief Operating Officer