Target success story

Personalizing the omnichannel experience

Target worked with ReSci to close the omnichannel loop between the Cartwheel mobile app and in-store experience, while providing their customers with a truly personalized experience. With ReSci’s predictive technology, the marketing team spends less time preparing for content, running A/B testing and running marketing campaigns each week.

ReSci connects customer browsing and purchasing data from Target’s website, mobile applications, email and in-store activities to understand how to provide the most relevant content, promotional offers and product recommendations for Target customers. Each month, ReSci processes billions of customer transactions and is able to improve customer engagement and conversion significantly with the Target marketing team.


“Retention Science (ReSci) is the most trusted partner we have. We think of them as an extension of our data science and marketing teams. Their personalization and automation platform saves me more than a day of preparation work each week to run our marketing campaigns.”

–Natalie Doyne, Marketing Lead