Truth Nutraceuticals success story

Powering Facebook Ads for Truth Nutraceuticals

Truth Nutraceuticals uses ReSci’s artificial intelligence to optimize their campaigns across different channels. After seeing success with ReSci’s automated lifecycle marketing emails, Truth Nutraceuticals began combining their advertising campaigns with ReSci’s data solutions.

Truth Nutraceuticals started leveraging ReSci’s proprietary Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Churn scores, which constantly adapt to user behavioral patterns, to create powerful Lookalike Audiences which were used in multiple Facebook ad campaigns.

Massively enhanced by ReSci’s predictions, Truth Nutraceuticals’ new audiences on Facebook became significantly more likely to purchase.

As a result, ReSci significantly increased Truth Nutraceuticals’ return on ad spend, compared to the campaigns they were running previously.



increase in return on ad spend with ReSci’s High CLV segment


increase in return on Facebook ad spend


increase in return on ad spend