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What the Marketing Industry Can Learn from Netflix

April 6, 2016

What Netflix is very good at, and what brands can learn from, is how to set up systems overlaid with human creativity. Systems that identify, in real-time, the various ways people engage with programmes, allowing brands to make faster and more confident decisions about what to show, to whom, and when. Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence to Build Real Relationships

March 8, 2016

The core problem faced by every brand competing for shoppers’ increasingly divided attentions: building real, one-to-one relationships with customers — at scale. Read More

In email marketing, novelty items spark interest but not sales

October 28, 2015

Retention Science collected data from 1 billion emails over the course of the last two years. According to this study, novelty items don’t generate the kind of sales one might expect. Read More

How to Send the (Almost) Perfect Email

October 27, 2015

Jerry Jao, CEO of marketing platform provider Retention Science, admits that there's no such thing as perfection when it comes to email; however, he says tailored and timely messaging can get marketers close. Read More

Diamond Candles gets Shining Results from Targeted Email Campaigns

October 7, 2015

Diamond Candles is investing in a data-driven approach that uses predictive analytics to strategically segment and engage its email subscriber base. Read More


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