Are you neglecting your 
revenue goldmine?

Existing customers are worth 7 times more
than newly acquired customers.
Learn Why

“A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by up to 125%”- Bain & Co

Retain more of your customers by increasing engagement and brand advocacy through predictive data science

Use our automated marketing platform to profile and predict customer behavior
and send the right message at the right time.

We take Retention Marketing seriously. Do you?

Retention Science analyzes behavioral, transactional and demographic data to predict customer behavior.
Our platform profiles your customers to send targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage and convert.

Increase Revenue

Keep your customers engaged with your brand to encourage more purchases, more often.

Extend Lifetime Value

Send relevant communications at critical points in the customer lifecycle to increase engagement.

Reduce Churn

Use predictive behavior to identify when customers are about to churn and take relevant action.

Build Brand Advocates

Understand your customers and engage with them as individuals to build stronger relationships.

Learn how to increase your current customer spending

Trusted By

  • Neiman MarcusNeiman Marcus
  • Honest CoHonest Co
  • Cafe PressCafe Press
  • Vitamin ShoppeVitamin Shoppe
  • Too FacedToo Faced
  • Dollar ShaveDollar Shave
  • esalonesalon
  • Diamond CandlesDiamond Candles

Proven Results


Client Success

Retention Science’s automated Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns increased trial customer engagement and we saw a 170% increase in customer conversions to paid membership.

Sean Kane
Co Founder & COO, The Honest Company

After working with Retention Science for over a year, our existing customer spending has more than doubled from 20% to 40% of total sales. Our customers spend 133% more and we turned 30% of our one-time buyers into repeat customers!

Jack Lin
Founder and CEO, BikeBerry

We are seeing a 3X increase in conversion from the campaigns created by Retention Science. They drive more traffic and have a higher conversion rate than any of the campaigns we ran on our own.

Cheyanne Mackay
VP of Marketing, Swaychic

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