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What is Retention Science?

Retention Science helps marketers understand customer data and predict customer actions to personalize email, website, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Our platform collects, processes, and interprets thousands of customer signals a second, translating data into actionable insights. We power retention-focused marketing campaigns for some of the world's leading brands.

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Case Study: See how Retention Science helped The Honest Company increase their customers' lifetime values.

Retention Science


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Retention Science


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RS Insights

Our platform equips marketers with the tools needed to build customer loyalty on an individual level, based on information you already have. Click on each feature to learn more.


Retention Science

Anticipate future value, likelihood to purchase, and identify churning customers through predictive metrics.Learn More


Retention Science

10% off, a $20 discount, or free shipping? Increase margins by sending the right offer to the right customer every time.Learn More


Retention Science

Whether it's shoes, blog posts, or cat videos, our platform can predict what items or content your customers want.
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Retention Science

We analyze the shopping habits of each individual customer and send each campaign at exactly the right time. Learn More

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