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About Us

Our mission is to give marketing teams access to advanced data science to target, engage and retain customers

Build advocates, not customers

Retention Science, the global leader in retention marketing, was founded on the belief that:


Existing customers spend more and are worth more than newly acquired customers.


As founders of multiple eCommerce companies, we discovered firsthand that nurturing and strengthening customer relationships allowed us to tap into higher revenue we would otherwise not have access to. From that, Retention Science was born. We found that by focusing on retention marketing, we were able to deliver relevant, highly targeted campaigns in a timely manner that drove customer spending and brand loyalty.


We empower marketers to increase their revenue, not only by retaining existing customers, but by building loyal advocates.

Data science at your fingertips

With a team comprised of PhD data scientists and expert marketers, we built a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS marketing platform. The Retention Science marketing platform gives companies of all sizes the capability to easily understand what motivates their customers and deliver automated, targeted marketing campaigns to drive a deeper level of engagement.


Our scientific technology aggregates and cleans your behavioral, transactional, and demographic data. We apply scientific machine learning and predictive algorithms, to profile and predict customer behavior. Then, we deliver personalized marketing campaigns that increase customer spending and advocacy.

Meet one of our Data Scientist's

We transform data into engagement and revenue


Careers at Retention Science

We encourage teamwork, value hard work, and reward success.

Based in sunny Santa Monica, California, our team consists of passionate PhD data scientists, statisticians and marketing professionals focused on solving real problems that lead to client success. Our team culture thrives on innovation, teamwork, constant growth and providing true value.

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Meet one of our Data Scientists

Vedant | Data Scientist


What is your favorite new data science innovation/technique/topic?

One of the more important advancements in data has been the proliferation of new open source frameworks and languages aimed at simplifying the creation of distributed computing systems. Very sophisticated, multifaceted data projects that may have taken many months to design and implement can be built quicker, with leaner computing resources and with less code to maintain.


Lately there has been a great deal of emphasis placed on data velocity. The speed at which distributed queries can be executed has vastly improved in recent years, streamlining the development of real-time analytic systems and model prediction.

Why is data science so important when it comes to Retention Marketing?

A company’s relationship with a customer can be very dynamic, with many variables and an unknowable optimal state. As we have very rich data streams of consumer behavior available and modern tools for analysis, it’s possible to make inferences on how to improve the company interaction with the customer. Marketing messages built on intuition can be improved through automated experiments and machine learning techniques.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I think anyone who works in predictive analytics would rather simply know the future than have to predict it, so I’m going with that.