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Why Customer Analytics is Crucial to Customer Retention Part II

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We discussed the importance of analytics to customer retention in a previous post. This post is a deeper dive into the subject. Research shows that consumers have higher probability to become more loyal customers to the brands / businesses they purchased from. For the businesses, if...

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The Importance of Customer Analytics and Why it is Important to Customer Retention

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Enough for customer analytics? Definitely not. Companies have spent tons of money doing market research, but with technology that constantly changes consumer behaviors and research methods, you should keep up with the pace. Marketers have long been aware of the importance of consumer orientation, for achieving...

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Spread the word with email marketing

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Before the global boom of e-commerce and internet-based companies, businesses had only few options available to attract new customers or retain their existing client base. Pre-electronic marketing strategies, such as paper flyers or other printed promotional material, would often also prove costly and relatively ineffective....

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