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The increasing use of emails as a marketing strategy

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Realizing that the use of the Internet has become widespread, current marketing strategies has taken precedence over more traditional marketing methods such as flyers stashed in your physical mailboxes, or persistent part-timers waving pamphlets and coupons along traffic-clogged streets. It therefore comes as no surprise...

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How to Effectively Use Both Outbound & Inbound Marketing

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Commonly spoken by marketers today is the tagline “Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing.” However the reality is, the best marketing tactic is not one versus the other but a combination of both. Read on to see how you can reap the benefits of both strategies. Outbound Marketing...

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Building Valuable Relationships using Social Media Part 1: Connecting with professionals and potential partners

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It is every marketer’s dream to be able to connect with users through social media and turn them into potential partners or customers. In the first of a two-part series, learn how to effectively build credible and durable partner/vendor relationships with your social media connections. Social...

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Why Customer Analytics is Crucial to Customer Retention Part II

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We discussed the importance of analytics to customer retention in a previous post. This post is a deeper dive into the subject. Research shows that consumers have higher probability to become more loyal customers to the brands / businesses they purchased from. For the businesses, if...

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