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Retention Marketing

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How One Kings Lane boosts customer retention through killer content

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In today’s world of sponsored posts and promoted feeds, it can be difficult to straddle the line between useful content and unfollow-worthy spam. Top eCommerce brands are discovering that they can build followings, boost conversion, and ensure retention by providing practical information, quality imagery, and...

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6 ways to attract more customer love to your brand

  |   Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Customer Retention, Loyalty Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Retention Marketing   |   No comment

Customers are looking for companies they can keep purchasing from and brands they can become advocates of. In other words, while you are searching for customers to love your brand, customers are also looking for companies and brands to love.   Think about it: with all the...

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Why measuring your customer churn rate increases revenue

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As long as customer acquisition keeps consuming marketing efforts, customer churn will continue to rise. When left unchecked, customer churn not only wastes your acquisition efforts, it also reduces revenue and narrows your profit margins.   In order to increase customer spending and overall revenue, reducing churn...

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Lifecycle Marketing Pt 4: How to reward your loyal customers

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In conclusion to the 4-part lifecycle marketing series, where we previously covered the Welcome Series, Activation Series and Win-Back Series, we now focus on the final Reward Series.   Focused on the advocacy stage of the customer lifecycle, the Reward Series is built for your most high-value...

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