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Retention Science

What does Retention Science do?

We increase customer lifetime value.

After working with dozens of eCommerce companies, sending out over one billion marketing messages, and processing over ten billion customer signals, we've learned one important fact: your customer is more valuable than you think.

Retention Science helps marketers use data to retain more customers and increase their lifetime value. Leading eCommerce brands such as Target, Dollar Shave Club, and Honest Company retain more customers with Retention Science.

Who we are

Retention Science was founded in 2012 by a team of eCommerce veterans and data scientists with the shared vision of elevating the way marketers use data. We found that traditional marketing tools just present data, and leave it up to the already-overwhelmed marketer to draw any meaningful insights.

Despite major innovations in cloud computing and data processing, marketers still make decisions based on guesswork, Excel spreadsheets, and little else. We knew there was a better way.

Retention Science
Retention Science

What we do

We built a powerful and intelligent marketing platform that distills massive data sets into understandable, actionable insights for marketers. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms and data models process customer data, recognize patterns, and predict unknowns.

Additionally, we make these insights actionable by allowing marketers to personalize their campaigns on an individual level — optimizing for delivery time and lifecycle stage, recommending products and content, and personalizing offers and discounts.

Why we do it

We believe that the world’s best companies have one thing in common: they understand their customer. Despite having access to more data than ever before, the vast majority of marketing decisions are still made in the dark. We want to change that by helping companies understand their customers using innovative data science tools.

Retention Science was the lightbulb moment.

Retention Science

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.”

- Henry Ford


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Retention Science
Retention Science
Retention Science


Current Openings at Retention Science:

  • Backend Software Engineer
  • Ruby on Rails Software Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Jr. DevOps Engineer
  • PR and Communications Manager
  • Client Success Manager
  • Sales Rep
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