So you've acquired a customer; now what? Marketers have long known that acquiring a customer is not the hardest part keeping them is.

In Detail:

Stages of a Customer

During a relationship with a brand, the customer goes through different lifecycle stages. It's only logical that each stage requires different tactics to keep them engaged. Our platform identifies the lifecycle stage a customer is in, and helps you deliver the right campaign that captures their attention.

Customer Engagement

Make a great first impression by introducing your brand values, recommending the right products, and presenting the perfect offer. Turn new subscribers and first-time purchasers into loyal customers.

Customer Retention

Your current customers are worth 7x more than newly acquired ones. Make sure to keep delighting them with targeted marketing messaging across email, mobile, and website campaigns.

Customer Recovery

Nobody likes losing customers, but it's an inevitable part of any business. Our platform allows you to identify and automatically engage churning customers with win-back campaigns.

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