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A data-driven Retention Marketing strategy is
mandatory to properly engage customers

Retention Science offers you an easy, scientific,
and time-saving solution.
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“80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.” - Gartner Group

Retention Marketing drives customer engagement

Turn Visitors To Buyers

Drive first time purchases.

Gain Repeat Purchases

Encourage ongoing purchases.

Win Back Business

Prevent customers from churning.

Grow Loyal Customers

Nurture customers into advocates.

We use data-driven insights to predict customer behavior and automate targeted marketing campaigns.

Send personalized campaigns across multiple channels

Our automated Retention Marketing platform delivers targeted campaigns via email, onsite display, mobile, point of purchase, call center and many other channels to customers that are relevant, engaging, and convert.

Dynamic Incentives

Deliver targeted incentives relevant to each customer based on their behavior, loyalty, and likelihood to purchase. Widen your profit margins by only sending out relevant incentives.


Timing & Delivery Optimization

We analyze customer behavior and preferences to deliver your message at a frequency and timing when your customer is most engaged and likely to purchase.

Product Recommendations

Keep customers engaged, excited and purchasing by sending relevant content. Send relevant product recommendations to show you care and deepen your customer relationships and loyalty.


Discover our all-in-one Retention Marketing platform

From analyzing your customer data to delivering automated campaigns, we offer full service Retention Marketing
solutions to drive revenue and brand advocacy.

Data Analysis

We analyze and clean all your customer data including behavioral and transactional, to profile and predict customer behavior.

Lifecycle Marketing

Our platform analyzes your customer lifecycle needs to create a series of campaigns, such as welcome and win back, that engage and convert.

Marketing Automation

Our scientific platform triggers targeted campaigns for each customer through multi-channels including email and web, saving you time and guesswork.

Campaign Analytics

Access dashboards analytics and reports to track the success and return of your campaigns. View our Smart Segments to instantly see which customers are high value or about to churn.

Learn the scientific way of retaining your customers