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New Research Uncovers Which Email Promotions Generate the Most Revenue for Online Retailers

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Data Based on More than 100M Transactions Reveals Free Shipping Offers Sent Later in the Day Maximize Customer Conversion As innovators in retention marketing, we have released new research today that identifies the types of promotional offers that work best – and when they should be...

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The Importance of Customer Analytics and Why It’s Important to Customer Retention

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Had enough of customer analytics? Definitely not. Companies have spent tons of money doing market research, but with technology that constantly changes consumer behavior and research methods, you should keep up with the pace.   Marketers have long been aware of the importance of consumer orientation, for...

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As Amazon Rises, Could Walmart Fall?

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Despite another #1 ranking on the world’s largest global retailers list, Jeremy King—WalMartLabs’ chief technology officer—knows the company’s “biggest issue [is] playing the catch-up game.” It’s well known in the tech-world that Amazon — the world’s largest online retailer is a serious threat for the once...

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