Don't guess when you can know.

You already have the data. We've built the marketing platform that helps you use it to retain customers.

In Detail:

Retention Science Platform

Having a lot of data is great. Not being able to do anything with it is frustrating. The Retention Science platform is an intelligence layer that functions alongside your current marketing tools and enables them to work smarter.

Predictive Analytics

Pageviews and purchases give a very shortsighted view of your customers. Retention Science lets you see into the future by analyzing your data and segmenting your customers using advanced metrics such as Retention Score, Customer Future Value, and Welcome Purchase Probability.


Dynamic Offers

Your customers aren't all the same, so why are you sending them the same offer? Whether it's $10 off, 20% off, or free shipping, only send the lowest offer that will most likely result in a conversion. It's now possible to increase conversions and margins at the same time.

Timing Optimization

Never be late to the party again. We look at the email habits of each individual customer and send each email when it's most likely to be opened. We make sure your emails always arrive on time.


Smart Recommendations

Finish your customers' sentences by knowing what they want before they do. Whether it's shoes, blog posts, or cat videos, our platform can predict what items or content your customers want and dynamically insert them in your email, website, or mobile campaigns.

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