Want to uncover more sales and grow faster?

Our A.I.-driven email marketing automation personalizes your messages for every stage of your customer’s lifecycle – eliminate the guesswork, save time, and boost the sales and retention power of your email marketing.

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Grow your online sales and scale quickly.

Retention Science’s predictive ecommerce automation has helped clients increase their email engagement rates by 60 percent and their purchase rates by 45 percent. We can do the same for you. Simply provide the content and Retention Science will learn, test, and optimize your emails for each customer.

Sell more.

Intelligent lifecycle automation means no more missed conversion opportunities.

Save time.

A.I. optimizes individual emails on your behalf, significantly reducing manual work.

Boost engagement.

Retention Science organizes your data across all channels to segment and target your marketing.

A.I. for ecommerce.

No more missed opportunities – Only Retention Science’s platform predicts customer behavior to deliver targeted and personalized communications throughout your customer’s lifecycle. No guesswork, more sales in a lot less time.

  • Connect at every stage – welcome new customers, encourage repeat purchases, win back at-risk customers, capture cart abandoners, and more
  • Optimized campaigns – Our A.I. engine predicts the best subject lines, email content, email delivery time, email frequency, product recommendations, and more–leading to more revenue per email generated and improved customer retention.
  • Flexibility when you want it –  create your own traditional marketing flows using our drag-and-drop automation workflow editor – our A.I. will optimize as much or as little of your campaigns for you, allowing you to tailor the product to fit your brand’s unique needs.
  • SMS to complement your email – combine SMS and email marketing to grow your list and engage your customers throughout their journey for a cohesive multi-channel experience.
Personalized Email Campaigns
Personalized Email Campaigns
“This is the only marketing platform that has consistently delivered ROI from day one, and a steadily increasing ROI the longer we use it. We just had another $30K email last week. That wouldn't be possible without these tools.”
Bree McKeen,

Founder of Evelyn & Bobbie

Customer Data Platform

Get all of your data in one place, enhanced by A.I. for smarter segmentation.

Retention Science integrates with a number of leading ecommerce platforms, syncing all of your data into our customer data platform (CDP) and giving you a unified view of all of your prospects and customers. Our powerful A.I. then enhances each individual customer record with predictions for customer lifetime value, next purchased product, churn likelihood, and more—allowing you to precisely segment your email campaigns and get better results.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation
Ecommerce Marketing Automation
“The automation is beginning to run itself and is doing the thinking for us. This will give us more time to strategize and explore other features and options while maximizing our email efforts. This is allowing us to do more without hiring an additional member of our marketing team.”
Nicole Bruderer,

Founder of Lime Ricki

Rich Data Reporting

See what’s working with rich data reporting.

Retention Science applies a combination of detailed analytics, revenue reporting, visualizations and data mining tools to give you visibility from top-level reporting all the way down to individual prospect behaviors.

Reporting dashboard
Reporting dashboard

Hundreds of brands partner with us to reach more than 350 million customers each day.

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