AI personalization software built with marketers in mind

Our award-winning marketing platform delivers a personalized experience to each customer, at scale, for some of the world’s most innovative brands

Not just your average ESP that delivers triggered messages and identical content to all of your customers

Join hundreds of the world’s leading brands who leverage AI to create marketing programs that deliver measurable results

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Email Automation

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to automate your emails, outperforming rules-driven campaigns and saving you time—and headache. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands trust ReSci for performance and deliverability.

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Predictive Analytics

Our platform makes 3 billion predictions per day for over 300 million users. We find hidden behaviors in your data, and uncover affinities for your customers. Get user-level churn predictions, CLV, product recommendations, best time of day, and more.

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The first Customer Data Platform with AI predictions at its core. Manage your customer relationships and get insight into their behaviors and patterns, as well as see predictions for all your users. Sync your data effortlessly to other platforms to optimize your ad, onsite, and mobile campaigns.

ReSci has everything you need—all in one place

Complete lifecycle automation

Intelligent item triggers

ML product recommendations

Self-optimizing emails + subject lines

Price sensitivity incentive optimization

Predictive lead scoring

Ad optimization + Facebook sync

Predictive CLV + future spend

Churn + at-risk scoring

Predictive timing intervals by day + time