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ReSci makes A.I. technology usable and accessible for growing brands—empowering them to sell more, faster.

This isn’t about us.

This is about ecommerce merchants, like you, looking for a better way to sell online. Our founders, Jerry Jao and Andrew Waage, have been in your shoes. In 2012, they were using the same ineffective platforms as everyone else, wondering if there was anything that could simplify marketers’ lives—allowing them to focus their time on strategy rather than a software tool. When they realized no such solution existed, Jerry and Andrew created one: Retention Science.

Today, ReSci is part of the Constant Contact family of brands, serving businesses of every size—from startups to global billion-dollar companies—and partnering with agencies to help bring more value to their clients. Our team of data scientists is dedicated to improving our A.I. technology every day, with unyielding loyalty to ReSci’s mission: to make artificial intelligence accessible and usable for every business so that they can deliver authentic, relevant messages to their customers at the right time. Every time.

Anything they can do, A.I. can do better.

Match ReSci against any of our competitors and you’ll quickly realize they don’t have anything we don’t have—predictive analytics, manually-configured and prebuilt segments and automations, a customer data platform to have all your activity and orders in one place. But we do have something none of them can boast: artificial intelligence.

Only ReSci uses A.I. to self-optimize emails. What does that mean? No more manual data analysis, manual A/B testing, or manual editing of automation series logic—though you can still do all of that if you want. And you’ll still be able to leverage A.I. right into your campaigns to ensure the best engagement and results.

We’re helping emerging brands and Fortune 500 companies grow their businesses.

“With Retention Science … it’s like you’re the pilot of an x-wing on day 1, and the automation and AI is like R2-D2 watching over your flight. The marketing software has delivered incremental improvement and measurable results for us. It’s one of our top 3 revenue channels and critical for our customer retention and improving repeat purchase rate. I could not operate my business without them.”

William Schumacher,
Uprising Food

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