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Meet The Leaders

Jerry Jao

Jerry Jao
Chief Executive Officer

A leader in retention marketing, Jerry Jao is the CEO and co-founder of ReSci. Before founding ReSci, Jerry worked at Morgan Stanley and KPMG Advisory as well as spent time advising the CFO of Clear Channel on digital initiatives such as iHeartRadio.

Jerry began his first company in 2010 centered on e-Commerce marketing solutions, it provided him a deeper understanding of effective customer retention solutions which ultimately led him to ReSci. An entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 8, Jerry ran an after school business making $3 to $5 a day recycling classmates’ plastic cans, including selling comic books and video games online. Jerry further nurtured his ambitions by attending UC Berkeley as a full-tuition Alumni Scholar and the Yale School of Management.

Andrew Waage
Chief Technical Officer

Andrew brings 15 years of experience in building complex, large-scale systems in multiple technologies (Rails, Java, Hadoop), and a deep expertise in machine learning and data mining. Andrew founded his first company,, building and selling robots and custom electronic kits, for which he was named E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Rising Star and featured in the Los Angeles Times at the age of 14.

Prior to founding Retention Science, Andrew was CTO at numerous start-ups where he managed and developed products including an e-fax solution, video ad-streaming network, and an e-Commerce marketing platform. He also has first hand experience as an online retailer from owning and operating an online music store selling imported electric violins.

Andrew Waage

Where it all started

At the age of 14, our CEO and co-founder moved to America and had his first taste of e-commerce entrepreneurship, selling everything from Gameboy games to comic books and game consoles on eBay. His deep interest in e-commerce only grew, expanding to marketing and the importance of customer retention.

Later, drawing on their experience from starting two marketing software companies, our two founders built Retention Science with the vision of empowering marketers to turn customer data into actionable insights.

This vision shifted as the industry changed, and as technology advanced. After working with dozens of e-commerce companies, sending out over one billion marketing messages, and processing more than ten billion customer signals, we realized that actionable insights didn’t always translate into actions taken. And that got us thinking.

Since then, the team at Retention Science has developed the industry’s first predictive marketing technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. Not only do we turn customer data into insights, our platform acts on those insights to maximize engagement and retention.

Data science is at our core


We’re all about AI, but when it comes to solving problems, we love going old school.

No small wonder: Our team is composed of PhDs in both Data Science and Engineering, including a lecturer at the University of Southern California and an eCommerce Marketing teacher at the Kellogg School of Management. They make it a point to routinely pull and analyze data to build out new predictive models that help eCommerce marketers predict metrics like customer lifetime value (CLV), customer future value (CFV), revenue at risk, and customer churn.

We do this because we know that arming our clients with the most accurate predictive metrics gives them an edge when it comes to retaining their valuable customers. And because we know the best technology is built by constantly iterating on how to improve.

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