3 cPanel features for e-commerce

Owning an e-commerce business does not necessarily mean being a computer wiz. For this reason, many start-up web shop owners are forced to either self-educate or rely on the purchase of a wide range of external software solutions and a reliable, user-friendly hosting platform.

To help budding e-commerce CEOs build the website of their dreams, cPanel has developed an integrated hosting solution, which can be applied to any standalone server and facilitates account administration, site hosting and domain management. Especially for e-commerce businesses, cPanel offers a few interesting features, which help ensure your web shop runs smoothly and is attractive and easily accessible to customers.

1.Shopping Cart Solutions

Included in the cPanel software package are several slots, which serve for the implementation and integration of some of the most user-friendly open-source shopping cart software solutions available, such as OS Commerce and Agora. CPanel is known for its safety and reliability and, therefore, relatively low risk of checkout process downtime.

Shopping cart scripts are also easy and quick to install and can be monitored through a central administrative control panel, integrated in the interface. All shopping cart solutions at cPanel boast flexible design features, customer and product functionality and various payment processing solutions. Best of all, the shopping cart software programs are all based on a ready-to-use script, which does not require any html or programming knowledge to use.

2.Email Management

One of the keys to owning a successful web shop that is attractive to customers is providing a dedicated customer service team to deal with all queries and problems. The cPanel mail area can help establish contact between your company and your client base the fast and easy way.

With the cPanel Email Manager, you are able to set up several password-protected email accounts, can filter the spam messages out of your email traffic and send mass emails to an entire address book, imported from an Excel file. Cpanel provides several interfaces for their email system, which are adapted to specific types of website. In addition, the mail manager allows you to create separate email addresses for sub-domains and add-on sites.

3.Logged Visitor Statistics

The cPanel ‘Logs’ section contains several statistics and analytics tools, which help web shop owners gain a detailed overview of the traffic to their site and on-site customer behaviour. The most comprehensive analytics program offered by cPanel is AWStats, which provides geo-targeted information, SEO statistics and top 10 lists of browsers and operating systems used to access the site. Much of this information can be used to optimize your web shop and gear it towards your intended customer base. Moreover, the logging tools at cPanel can not just be used in a standalone capacity.

Recently, cPanel added a Google Analytics plugin to their extensive range of features, allowing you to compile and compare visitor statistics from both sources. CPanel is probably one of the most comprehensive web hosting platforms around and has numerous features that will make the life of any budding web shop host much easier. Rather than having to spend your time creating your website from scratch and educating yourself on the intricacies of site building, an integrated hosting service like cPanel allows you to concentrate on what is really important: making money.

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