4 Creative Resources That Can Save You Time and Money

When you first come across the idea of starting a business, you can imagine all the costs associated with its foundation. Well, you might want to grab a cup of coffee and sit back on your chair while you enjoy these FREE resources bound to make your life and business easier. Who doesn’t love anything attached to the 4-letter word, “FREE?”

Here at Retention Science we welcome free cookies, free laughter, and free business tools. We’d like to share with you a list of services that provide free plans with upgrades for more premium models.

Business Cards

MOO is an online service that allows its customers to design their own custom business cards. You can easily slip one of your artworks or photography onto the face of your business card through MOO’s easy-to-use functions. Moreover, if you aren’t as artsy, you could enjoy the templates designed by MOO’s professional team. Just swap a couple of names and words, and you’ll have your own Matted or Eco-friendly printed cards in just a matter of days.

MOO provides its customers with the option of uploading their own logo, details, and images with no additional costs. This creative business takes it a step further by allowing users to design and print on both sides of their card. What’s the best part? If you aren’t ready to print 500, 200 or even 100 cards, try out their sample pack of 10. Test out all the tools, templates, and paper finish before having 10 custom business cards shipped to you all for free.

Ready to design your own? Visit MOO for more information.


Ever seen impressive infographics on Visual.ly and found yourself wishing to be able to do the same? With resources such as Easel.ly, Piktochart available, creating your own infographics is now easier than ever. Both Easel.ly and Piktochart offer a free version that comes with a set of pre-designed vheme templates (visual themes) with handy icons, figures, and shapes so you can immediately start and publish an infographic within minutes.

You can upgrade to enjoy more features such as more advanced editing tools and unlimited image uploads. Additionally, if you are a Photoshop fan, you may find using Adobe Illustrator an equally, if not more, powerful tool in creating infographics. Take advantage of these infographics platforms to create infographics that look both professional and modern.

Visit Easel.ly, Visual.ly, and Piktochart for more information.


It’s fairly difficult to create your own website these days without prior knowledge of coding. But with Wix, you might as well call it a day at 1 P.M. Wix is a service that provides its users with tools to create their own web presence exactly the way they desire. Their “no coding” domain is made for “photographers, musicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs, brides, students” and more. Their technology is known for looking both professional and functionable.

With over 100 free templates, images, music, and fonts installed by top designers, you will have no trouble standing out as a business. Moreover, Wix’s App Market allows you to expand the content on your website using free apps such as ones that provide social media feeds or online shopping services. “Drag n’ drop” your personality onto your own original HTML5 domain.

Visit Wix for more information.


ShortStack is a hidden gem that most small marketers are unaware of. These days, everything is about quality – whether it be content or images. With ShortStack, you can generate your own contests using customizable features such as a Voting Widget, Sweepstakes widget, Entry Count Counter, Facebook buttons (e.g. likes, comments), and other social media channel integrations.

This nifty service is more for advanced tech folks, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try if you aren’t. Sneak a peek at their examples and “how to” videos before you give it a go. Not only is it known for building contests, but ShortStack offers solutions for a wide range of Facebook promotions and apps. If you can imagine it, you can build it. Visit ShortStack for more information.

Now that you’re equipped with the right tools to expand your business both professionally and innovatively, let our team at Retention Science show you how you can effectively market to the right customers and retain them.