An Announcement from the CEO: Unveiling Cortex + ReSci

At Retention Science, we’ve always been a technology-first company. We pride ourselves on emphasizing substance over being shiny, and we’ve invested heavily in data science and machine learning to develop a product that brings true value to our partners. Continued innovation has always been a top priority, and our team works tirelessly to ensure this effort results in success for our partners.

That said, we’ve made major advancements that have not only changed our product, but also taken us a step closer to the future of marketing technology’s role in brand-consumer relationships. We decided that something so exciting, and well, sexy – deserved a brand new look: substance and shine, if you will.

As the founder of Retention Science, I’m thrilled to introduce the next chapter of both our product and our brand: Cortex + ReSci.

Introducing Cortex

Cortex, put simply, is the brain behind our technology. Our platform has always been based on uncovering data-driven insights to drive smarter, personalized marketing at scale. Along the way, we realized that providing actionable insights doesn’t always translate into actions taken, as it puts too much of the burden on marketers to create campaigns based on different pieces of information.

Since then, we’ve developed the industry’s first predictive marketing technology powered by artificial intelligence, which not only uncovers insights but also acts on them. Cortex statistically identifies each user’s lifecycle state daily, and sends the most relevant message at the optimal time to keep customers engaged. Better-performing subject lines and templates are automatically sent more frequently, which eliminates the need for manual A/B testing.

Cortex provides the full predictive capabilities of our previous platform with significantly less logistics-related planning. This makes marketers’ lives easier, and provides more freedom to flex their strategic and creative muscles, while ensuring each customer receives tailored, engaging experiences.

In short, Cortex is pretty damn sexy.

A Bold New (Out)look  

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in recent months, and it’s the clear endgame of evolving technologies such as deep machine learning.

Cortex is our bold statement on AI being a key driver of marketing technology – namely, that the future is already here. Our team wanted our new brand’s aesthetic to reflect this, so we opted for bright, striking colors.

We picked orange and white because the combination is sleek, but also because of its irreverence. No more tired, ubiquitous “tech-y” blue: Our orange is loud, commands attention, and isn’t sorry about it, which aligns with how we feel about our brand and our product. We want you to notice us; we have a lot to say.

ReSci: Closing the Gap

At its crux, Cortex aims to close the gap between marketers and their marketing tech. By removing guesswork and painstaking drag-and-drop logistics planning for every campaign, Cortex provides easier and more complete access to the benefits of advanced predictive technology.

In much the same spirit, we’ve shortened our name to ReSci, in order to close the gap between our existing technology and our newest iteration. ReSci is both a nod to our history as retention automation software, and an unabashed leap forward as an industry leader in AI-powered predictive technology. We’re still the same Retention Science, but we’re focusing on speeding ahead.

For that same reason, we decided to focus on ReSci as our logo, instead of the traditional logo mark or illustration. We want you to remember our name, not our mark. Risky move, but a chance we’re more than willing to take, and proof of our confidence in both our product and our future.

The Future

The changes to both our product and our brand are the culmination of what we as a company have learned over the past three years – about our clients, their needs, the changing landscape of digital commerce, and the increasingly crucial role technology plays in marketing and brand-consumer relationships. We’re truly excited to use put our hard-earned knowledge to good use, and we’re proud to be leading the charge.

As we embark the next chapter of our company, I am grateful to know that one factor remains a constant amidst all the changes: Our mission is to create real technology that provides value and generates results. We strive for innovation, for staying hungry and never settling.

We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the past few years, and Cortex is the reflection of our progress. I’m proud to hold up Cortex and ReSci as the perfect representation of our hard work. With the exciting developments in both the industry and within our company, the future looks remarkably bright — and we at Retention Science are honored to take that journey with you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jerry Jao
CEO, ReSci