Authentic Marketing Shouldn’t Be An Oxy-Moron – Special Webinar

Digital commerce is noisier than ever, and it shows in how difficult it is to catch – and sustain – shoppers’ attentions. Marketers are told that it’s important to be personal, relevant, and omnichannel-friendly when it comes to connecting with consumers, and it’s true all of these things play significant roles in rising above the crowd. But are those “rules” enough?

The short answer? Not on their own. Personalized messaging, relevant content, and omnichannel delivery are built to enhance and sustain customer relationships, but the core of those relationships rely on value. That value might be purely transactional: reasonable prices, trustworthy delivery, and products that are as described. But for a majority of today’s shoppers, who are constantly inundated with marketing messaging, value comes from a deeper concept of feeling connected to the brand.

That connection can be as broad as identifying with the brand’s aesthetic and “vibe,” or as niche as supporting a shared environmental or ethical cause. The key to forging – and then building on – these varied connections is through authenticity, from both high-level branding and through marketing.

Authentic marketing might seem like an oxy-moron to many, and that itself is the problem. Today’s shoppers are as jaded as they are tech-savvy: they understand marketing tactics and “gimmicks,” and are resistant to being overtly (and overly) sold, especially at a mass-marketing level.

Not all hope is lost, however. The key to building better customer relationships via authenticity is through authentic marketing experiences, or specific interactions and tailored exchanges built to deliver value. The most important things to remember when crafting these experiences are:

1. Building trust and credibility
2. Delivering value to customers’ lives
3. Providing unique customer journeys

We did a deeper dive on just how to craft authentic marketing experiences, with special tips and some great insights during our special webinar. Watch the webinar recording.

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