Extending our capabilities

The mission

Our mission here at ReSci is to make artificial intelligence accessible and usable for brands. We believe that everyone should have access to the predictive capabilities that have made companies like Amazon and Netflix into the powerhouses they are today.

We have done a pretty good job solving this problem for emails and ads, as well as providing world class segmentation capabilities in our platform. But to truly realize our mission, we need to be able to take data in from more sources, and allow marketing teams to leverage our AI across all their channels. How we get there: become the only omni-channel customer data platform on the market with AI baked into its DNA.


Integration Center!

So today, we are proud to announce a big step towards realizing our mission: the launch of our Integration Center in Cortex. Our first set of integrations focused on more email capture vendors (following our existing trusted partner, Privy), rewards programs, subscription payments, social media content, and one innovative wish list company we’ve had our eyes on for a while.

  • Email capture / lead generation
    • Privy
    • Just Uno
    • Digioh
  • Rewards / loyalty programs
    • Swell Rewards
  • Social media content
    • Curalate
  • Subscription payments
    • Recharge
  • Data connectors
    • Zapier
  • Wish list / back-in-stock
    • Swym

Search our Help Center if you’d like to see more details on any of these integrations.

Some integrations we have in beta, please reach out to help@retentionscience.com if you’re interested in trying any of these!

  • Rewards / loyalty programs
    • Annex Cloud
    • Smile.io
  • Referrals
    • Friendbuy
  • Data as a service
    • Daasity

We also have existing integrations with several e-commerce platforms. You won’t find these in Integration Center, but reach out to sales@retentionscience.com if you’re on one of these, and would like to join all the other innovative brands using ReSci today!

  • Ecommerce platforms
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • Big Commerce

You can access Integration Center in your left menu, under Cortex:




In the Integration Center, you can search for our available integrations, find out more info about each and instructions to activate, and manage any of your existing integrations:




For more info on usage of the Integration Center, check out our Help Center article.

What’s next?

As many integrations as we can plug in! We have a comprehensive list of requests from our clients already, but feel free to put a request for any integrations you’re interested in with help@retentionscience.com!

Our priorities through 2019 will be more of the above categories, as well as more e-commerce platforms, and mobile integrations.

And one other very exciting early announcement: we will be creating a user journey builder tool in the first half of the year. We will start by showing you how Cortex already pre-maps your user journeys for emails, and allow you to toggle steps to your own liking. You will even be able to build out your own flows and test yourself against our AI!

The long term goal will be allowing this tool to grab data and execute campaigns across all channels, so you will have a powerful AI platform handling all your marketing capabilities, and as much control as you need to balance trusting our machines with your own personal marketing decisions.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re building to truly make AI accessible and usable for everyone.


About the author

Derek Kwan is COO and Head of Product for Retention Science. With 15+ years experience in marketing and ad tech, Derek previously led product innovation at Yahoo!. He also trains his game theory skills in his spare time as a poker player. Follow Derek on Linkedin.



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