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5 Ways To Grow Your Holiday Sales With Improved Product Recommendations

More shoppers than ever are purchasing online, and Thanksgiving Day ecommerce sales alone are expected to hit a record $6.21 billion this year per eMarketer. How many new customers might you reach or reengage this holiday season, ones you can continue to nurture over the coming year? As part of your efforts to grow your holiday sales, ask yourself if your product recommendations are finely tuned or falling flat.

Making relevant product recommendations is one way brands can deliver a personalized holiday shopping experience, and shoppers will turn to brands that make their holiday shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. 

Every brand out there is looking for the best possible ways to grow its holiday sales. Let’s zero in on product recommendations and highlight some key ways to improve them.

Focus on Individual Preferences 

Yes, we’re talking about preferences for each individual customer. It’s possible to drill down to this level, and you need to strive for that 1:1 relationship. You can get there by using A.I.-enabled marketing automation software to harness your customer data—everything from past purchases to cart abandons, email clicks, and website browsing behavior. This advanced type of software then uses this data to make accurate predictions as to the right product recommendations for each individual customer.   

All customers have unique tastes and preferences, and there is an expectation that brands will serve up relevant product recommendations. Knowing a customer’s affinities for particular products automatically boosts retention

Some tips: 

  • Pay attention to all the data available to you 
  • Avoid sending similar recommendations every week
  • Make recommendations based on recent behavior 
  • Make recommendations based on browsing behavior, as well as purchase history. Consider the fact that before the holiday season even rolls around, customers search for items they might buy as gifts. Analyzing their browsing behavior will enable you to make relevant recommendations wisely and accurately. 

Send Exploratory Recommendations 

This is a tactic to be tested cautiously. Exploratory recommendations allow customers to explore other products that do not necessarily belong to the category they typically browse. These products might be related to the ones they are looking for and might even lead them to a whole new selection of items they never would have considered before. That said, the worst thing you can do is continue to show the same products over and over again. 

Be careful when sending this type of recommendation. To avoid delivering an irrelevant experience for shoppers, monitor these recommendations closely to see if this is working for your brand. If not, it’s time to pull the plug. 

Use Data To Build Knowledge-Based Recommendations 

You absolutely should be using the information you have on your customers to sell to them. Using knowledge-based rules regarding a customer’s behavior, demographic data, and other factors helps make recommendations more relevant and engaging. 

Perhaps you know that your customer by the name of Jane Smith purchases new shoes about every four months, and chooses discounted styles in bright colors. That knowledge needs to inform her product recommendations. 

ReSci’s A.I. automatically determines and includes the best products to highlight for each customer: viewed or purchased products, best sellers, similar products based on category, products left in a cart, or predicted user preferences.

Consider Setting Up Recommendation Privacy Features 

Product recommendations are important, but having too many specific recommendations can reveal too much about the shopper’s holiday gift plans. This is notably true for ecommerce sites where multiple people in a single family share the same account or email address. Amazon Prime, for example, is usually shared within one household. To protect each user’s privacy and holiday gifting plans, Amazon allows customers to turn off recent browsing history/recommendations. 

Improving your product recommendations is just one way to grow your holiday sales. Learn more data-driven strategies for driving holiday sales by exploring additional blog articles and resources.  You’ll likely be rewarded for your efforts with higher profit margins, happier customers, and a higher likelihood that those happy customers stay with you throughout the new year.


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