How One Kings Lane boosts customer retention through killer content

In today’s world of sponsored posts and promoted feeds, it can be difficult to straddle the line between useful content and unfollow-worthy spam. Top eCommerce brands are discovering that they can build followings, boost conversion, and ensure retention by providing practical information, quality imagery, and inspiration from around the world.

One brand that has truly embraced this model is One Kings Lane, a furniture and home decor flash sale site that has transcended the stigma of the flash sale marketplace by offering premium content. Positioning itself as a lifestyle brand, OKL has become a site worth checking primarily for content. Once a visitor is interested, the site then uses its advantageous positioning as an authority on lifestyle products to sell its wares.

What can other brands learn from One Kings Lane? Let’s break it down:


1. Useful (and beautiful) curated content.


It’s not enough to put up a few images of sofas and call it a decorating blog. One Kings Lane’s style blog, Live Love Home, goes the extra mile by offering beautifully styled and curated content. OKL’s blog is an entity unto itself, offering everything from design tips to the perfect recipe for a night in. The photos, staging, and copy are high quality, lending an upscale feel to the site.


2. Smart product suggestions.

At the bottom of OKL’s blog posts, you’ll find relevant product selections from the flash sale side of the site. One post offers a tour of a well-designed upstate New York home. The post ends with product recommendations meant to emulate the decor featured throughout the post with the prompt, “Shop Their Modern Cabin Look.” Additional editor’s picks along the right sidebar of the site round out the product suggestions without smothering the reader in marketing.


3. Follow-worthy content driven by product offerings.

Studio tours of artists like Ashley Woodson and Juniper & Fig offer OKL an excuse to promote new designer collections while showcasing some professionally staged and photographed content. This type of subtle promotion entices the reader to stay, browse, and buy by helping them feel invested in the product collection.


4. Well-integrated social media.


OKL’s Instagram feed pulls quality imagery from the website, but also provides relevant inspiration found around the web. By providing social media users a wealth of content, OKL can notify customers of new sales without appearing to send spam or ads on social media. Additionally, the website gives users plenty of opportunity to engage directly with the brand – for example, users can ask for designing tips and help via Instagram.

By pairing quality content with quality products, the OKL shop gives readers the chance to live the life so elegantly featured in their insightful, inspiring stories. eCommerce brands looking to increase retention and conversion should take note of One Kings Lane’s success and work on emulating this effective model.



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