Not So Random: The Impact of Happiness

An interesting bit of news: happiness is in.

This is true for life in general, but even brands are jumping on the happiness wagon. Coca Cola’s#MakeItHappy campaign and McDonald’s letting people pay for burgers with hugs are recent examples.

It makes sense, because happiness is a universal currency. And when it comes down to it, what we do at Retention Science is help our clients keep their customers happy.

The key to accomplishing that effectively is practicing what we preach internally, too. So we work hard here at RS to build a positive and expressive internal community, to help inspire innovation and increase productivity. We are lucky to already have a tight-knit team culture, but we’ve expanded in our ways to make those bonds even stronger.

The methodology? Well, as Blink 182 put it, all the small things. Weekly pick-up basketball games, monthly barbecues, or just the opportunity to hang out with some beers and Spotify streaming (dubbed “Club RS” by our Sales/Marketing team) are all ways we build happiness.


This month, the RS Family took it up a notch by participating in a “Not-So-Random Act of Kindness Week.” Partners were assigned from different departments and each person spent the week brainstorming and executing four or five ways to make one another feel appreciated.

There are only so many hours in the work day, so it was truly gratifying to see teammates taking time help steer someone’s day in the right direction. People who might not usually hang out on a day-to-day basis grabbed coffee. Thoughtful ideas ranged from sharing a favorite classical piano piece, to sending over a link of a touching ice skating performance, to taking it back to the days of Limewire and making a mixed CD. Borders were crossed, no passports needed.

As everything with culture here at Retention Science, this was an optional (though enthusiastically encouraged) exercise. The best part was that with just a simple nudge, our team really ran with Random Act of Kindness Week, which transformed the workplace. It’s safe to say, warm and fuzzy feelings were felt by all.


A company’s culture, whether you actively seek to shape it or not, is bound to emerge. And it really matters – a healthy culture makes for a healthier company. Fortunately, Retention Science has something truly special within its walls. As we grow rapidly as a company, we’ll work to sustain and progress the already-kickass office environment.

We’ll work on spreading the joy, too – tune in every month for a “Happiness Update,” which will provide a sneak peek into our culture here at Retention Science and our progress in building a happy, healthy work culture.

Finally, we’re also open to exchanging some hugs for free burgers. Just saying. You hear us, In-n-Out?