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Omnichannel Marketing and Smart Content Recommendations

We hosted a fireside chat with Jerry Jao, the CEO of Retention Science, following a retail ecommerce industry event.  We opened up the discussion on omnichannel marketing and smart content recommendations to ecommerce business leaders and marketers. Some top-of-mind topics included omnichannel and SMS marketing, and smart content recommendations.

Jerry answered a range of questions and offered tips and insights based on his experience working with brands like Target, Figs, Unilever, Rothy’s, Dollar Shave Club, Birdies, Charmin, and others. 

We are providing a link to the recorded video here.


Omnichannel and SMS Marketing

The discussion covered the acceleration of omnichannel marketing, and how it affects the customer’s experience with your brand. Jerry encouraged participants to think about collecting first-party data, things like birthdate, size of the household, and zip code, to enable personalized marketing, and to create campaigns that encourage customer engagement across your various channels, such as ones around a cause or charity. He noted that high engagement often leads to increased revenue.

In terms of messaging and content, creating purposeful, high-value, personalized content for all channels was deemed important. Things like online classes, opportunities to provide product ideas and feedback, and product giveaways were some examples given of ways brands can keep customers engaged. 

Jerry mentioned the tendency of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to spend heavily on Facebook and Instagram, and the need for these businesses to meaningfully connect the dots across all channels. One example shared was an omnichannel sweepstakes campaign for Perfect Snacks, highlighting the ways social channels and email can work together to strengthen a campaign. 

The Rothy’s example showcased how the use of a hashtag across channels can be useful for engaging customers and gathering feedback. In terms of driving revenue from social channels, the use of targeted lookalike audiences (like those created with the use of Retention Science) is helpful for optimizing your paid social campaigns.

In response to a question about testing a new channel, Jerry advised marketers to allocate 10 to 20 percent of their ad budget to the new channel, and gather data over a 60- to 90-day period. He said big brands might have enough data points to measure effectiveness after 60 days, but smaller brands might need 90 days’ worth of data in order to assess the effectiveness of the channel. For service agencies like advertising or PR firms, measuring effectiveness could take closer to six months.

Another topic raised was that of SMS marketing, and how it is increasingly being seen as an essential component of an ecommerce marketer’s toolkit. Jerry predicted that more ecommerce marketers will look beyond Facebook and Instagram to consider Snapchat, Clubhouse, SMS marketing, podcasts, and even Slack and Zoom.

Smart Content Recommendations

Before launching into the topic of smart content recommendations, a few minutes were spent discussing the importance of understanding and structuring your customer data. Jerry suggested that business leaders and marketers focus on the specific kinds of data that will inform their marketing, rather than let the idea of big data overwhelm them. 

He then went on to predict that, with stricter regulations around targeted advertising looming, it’s important for brands to focus on the quality and level of personalization of their content. He suggested that marketers should consider testing and optimizing all types of content, from images and subject lines to offers and product recommendations. With subject lines being closely tied to open rates, Jerry suggested that marketers should test four to five different subject lines, and consider including emojis (if brand-appropriate) and one subject line phrased as a question. Tools like Smart Subject Lines help marketers select high-performing subject lines, which can then be further tested and optimized for your brand.

For insights into smart content recommendations based on automated lifecycle stages see Fun and Function’s customer story. 

Shifts in Ecommerce Marketing

The fireside chat covered some of the key topics from the industry event and served to answer many questions around omnichannel marketing and smart content recommendations. As a team of data scientists and ecommerce experts, we at Retention Science are focused on helping ecommerce businesses grow and succeed, and we invite you to reach out to us to see how our AI-enabled marketing automation solution could support your omnichannel and SMS marketing objectives and strengthen your marketing programs with smart content recommendations. 

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