Product announcements: small improvements – April 2019

We have some exciting small improvements to the product rolling out over the next week, and you should be seeing these features in Cortex shortly.


1. Better segmentation for Facebook Lead Ads

Our integration with Facebook Lead Ads will now include Form ID and Ad ID. You can now identify the different forms and ads your new leads came from, and split them into different segments and target them with different messages. More info here.


2. New template layouts for the drag and drop builder


3. Increase vertical spacing in the drag and drop builder

The problem: the drag and drop builder was not giving enough vertical space to work on your email templates. The solution: more space!


4. Warnings before auto-log out

For security purposes, we need to log out sessions that are idle after 15 minutes. We will now warn you if you are inactive and are about to be logged out. Last month, we had also implemented recovered emails to make sure if you did get logged out, or your browser crashed, any unsaved changes to your email templates would be recoverable.


5. Speeding up image manager in drag and drop builder

Over time, we have discovered that some of you really save a lot of images in your image managers. A lot. This slows down the page quite a bit, so we worked on some speed ups to make the image manager load faster for everyone.


6. Auto sync your segments to Facebook custom audiences [delayed to July 2019]

We get it. Pressing a button every time you want an audience to sync is a pain in the butt. So now you can auto-sync the segments you want to Facebook Custom Audiences, and it will sync every 24 hours thereafter. And you can also stop syncing any of your audiences at any time.


7. More searchable text boxes for segments

Not sure what to type when segmenting by registration source? Or state? We are updating our segmentation to have more searchable fields, so you don’t have to guess what the values are anymore. Fields that will now be searchable while building segments:

  1. Capture Source
  2. City
  3. Country
  4. Email Domain
  5. Gender
  6. Predicted Gender
  7. Registration Source
  8. State
  9. User Rated Item
  10. Utm Campaign
  11. Utm Content
  12. Utm Medium
  13. Utm Source
  14. Utm Term
  15. Zip


  1. Cancel Reason For Most Recent Subscription
  2. Number of Subscriptions with Status
  3. Subscription Cancellation Reason
  4. Subscription Status
  5. Subscription Status With Attribute 1


8. Active email indicator on Cortex campaign page

On your Cortex campaign page, all your stage tiles will now indicate if you have active emails or not in a specific stage.


9. Hide on desktop or mobile

Hide on desktop

In the drag and drop editor, you can now toggle between always showing a specific content element, hiding it on mobile devices, or hiding it on desktop computers.


What’s next?

And we have big features coming soon too! Over the next few months, you will see a brand new workflow / drip builder that embeds the artificial intelligence driven decision making behind Cortex, to give you more control over your user journeys. We will also be rolling out a subscription preference center, reusable content blocks for the drag and drop builder, and SMS support, as well as many new integrations in our Integration Center. We are very excited to roll out all this new functionality to all of you—updates coming soon!


About the author

Derek Kwan is COO and VP of Product for Retention Science. With 15+ years experience in marketing and ad tech, Derek previously led product innovation at Yahoo!. He also trains his game theory skills in his spare time as a poker player. Follow Derek on Linkedin.


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