5 Quick & easy tips before sending your Black Friday & Cyber Monday emails

Black Friday and Cyber Monday marks the start of the holiday season — the largest shopping days of the year for retail brands. 

This is your Superbowl, World Series, the day of all days — make sure you’re sending exceptional emails built to make lasting impressions. Here’s five quick and easy tips you can implement before sending out your emails.


Try multiple test sends for each email

Do this to ensure all images render how you want them to, and that all your links and UTM tags work properly. Even if you make a minor change, test it again. Also, make sure you are still following deliverability best practices.

Double and triple check

If you are using segmentation, make sure that your email is targeting who you want to target. And of course, have another person check for spelling and grammar errors. A second pair of eyes can really help when you’re reading the same content repeatedly, which can lead you to overlook tiny mistakes.

Schedule your campaigns in advance

Plan ahead! Schedule your campaigns in advance, and not at the last minute. It will also give you time to review your campaigns in detail, and more ideas can come with additional time, too!

Create a sense of urgency

Highlight any limited time savings available for your customers for the weekend. Take advantage of the fear of missing out (the FOMO is real!)

Stand out from the crowd

Your customers will be receiving a ton of emails! Your brand is important to your loyal customers, so have your creative content and subject lines (and preview text!) reflect those things that are unique to your brand or products.

Good luck and happy emailing!


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