Podcast: ReSci – Customers deserve to be treated differently – Part 1

Treating people like individuals in a one-to-one fashion is the ultimate goal for a digital marketer whether they have thousands or millions of consumers in their database. However, analyzing the millions of data points from customer interactions and acting upon the data to make smart decisions can be overwhelming and challenging. 

For Jerry Jao and ReSci, solving this challenge is what motivates them. The outcome so far: a platform that treats each customer as a unique individual with unique product interest that provides a true one to one vehicle for communication so marketers can deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time, whether it’s through email, SMS, or Facebook ads. 

The results: people have referred to their platform as the “Tesla of Email Marketing” for its utilization of Artificial intelligence and Data Science in bringing innovation to an area of digital marketing that hasn’t seen innovation in over 10 years. Whether its predictions, automation, recommendations, or its self-driving autonomous features, the key is keeping the customer at the center of your marketing.

In part-1 of this Jerry Jao and ReSci Feature you’ll hear about:

  • The start of Jerry Jao, the Fifth-grade Entrepreneur
  • How being raised by a single mother inspired him
  • Innovating the Email experience from the ground up
  • Why the customer deserves to be treated as a unique individual
  • Using data science to improve subject lines
  • Avoiding the limitations inherent in other email platforms
  • How ReSci improves engagement and revenue

Listen to the full podcast below.


Apple Podcast link to Part 1

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