The 3 Priorities Marketers are Currently Neglecting

Marketers are taking too much time looking at spreadsheets, combing through customer data, and mapping out multiple lifecycle campaigns. It’s easy to get lost in data and forget about the things that really drive customers to your brand. Here are the three priorities marketers need to focus on in 2016:

Building brand loyalty

Customers are constantly switching brands and providers. Their attention spans for each brand is getting shorter and shorter. Marketers can’t assume that an engaged customer will be loyal forever. Creating stronger emotional ties to the customer will go a long way in keeping a customer longer but marketers don’t always have the time to go the extra mile in making customers feel attached to the brand.

Old Navy’s CMO has a few tips for building brand loyalty. One that really speaks to us is Old Navy’s emphasis in opening up a conversation with their customers. Whether that means emphasizing uniqueness or creating familiarity, it’s important to take the time and create a dialogue with customers.

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Old Navy is building brand loyalty by creating conversations with customers


Improving your strategy

Trying a bit of everything at a time is not always the answer. Marketers who stretch themselves too thin might not have the best sense of which campaign strategies are truly effective. When marketers have more time, they can take a step back and take a deeper look into those tried and true methods. Perhaps you will realize that an old method is no longer effective, or that it’s time to build upon a particularly successful campaign.

For example, Snapchat’s new Discover feature for daily publisher content started with 12 channels including a Yahoo channel headlined by Katie Couric. Yahoo was swapped out for Buzzfeed within six months due to low engagement. Snapchat’s initial strategy of relying on purely celebrity pull for Discover didn’t work with their mainly millennial audience. It makes sense that Buzzfeed, a media company that focuses on millennial audiences, would be a better fit. This fast reaction in pulling Yahoo from the Discover feed caused all the other Discover channels to increase the quality of their content. It was a big win for Snapchat all around.


Snapchat changed strategy quickly and switched out Yahoo for Buzzfeed


Creating better content

It’s hard to get the creative juices flowing, and not having the bandwidth to develop compelling content can hold back the brand. Make sure content matches brand messaging, but still pushes the envelope. Resting on your laurels will give competitors a chance to catch up.

Dollar Shave Club’s viral video in 2012 was a resounding success, and the style is being mimicked by many brands today. But the company didn’t stop there. With brands like Gillette creeping in on the subscription razor space, it is crucial for Dollar Shave Club to stay in the spotlight. This year’s videos feature grimy old razors with a life of their own.

These video ads have been incredibly effective in boosting sales. Since the launch of its commercials, Dollar Shave Club’s share of the cartridge market is up 16%.


Dollar Shave Club continues to be a leader in content creation

It’s never too early to plan out next year’s strategy, and a big part of making sure your campaigns will be effective is to be smarter about your tools and resources. Take a second look at your marketing solutions. If you’re spending too much time wallowing in your customer data and trying to figure out what to do with it, you’re losing out on time that could be spent actually marketing.

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