Webinar: Become data driven – activate your marketing data

What do healthcare, banking, and sports all have in common? These industries are taking data-driven approaches to make better decisions. It’s clear that data will play a huge role in our futures, and commerce brands know that they’re one of the industries that can benefit the most from it. 

Although most brands have adapted data-driven methodology into their marketing, they’re likely struggling to achieve worthwhile results and tap into its vast potential.

Become truly data-driven by not just looking at basic metrics like open and click rates, but diving deeper into data so you can make better, more informed decisions. Going beyond basic marketing data will help you uncover ways to help your eCommerce program grow significantly. We’ll share some simple strategies and playbooks designed to drive increased revenue, customer lifetime value, and repeat purchasers by examining:

  • What key data to pay attention to so you can reach your goals, and current industry trends
  • Why and what data is your winning formula for revenue growth, using the SMART goal method
  • How to properly interpret and take action with the data available to you
  • Leveraging your ESP for real-time optimization

What do you do when your customer base is growing, but your engagement, AOV, and revenue is down? Learn what to do in all these scenarios from our Revenue Playbook in the replay!

Our speakers

Eric Chebi, Lead, Enterprise Customer Success @ ReSci

Eric leads ReSci’s Enterprise Client Success team and works with some of the world’s most recognized brands. Having over 20 years of experience in the Email Marketing space, Eric brings a wealth of experience & knowledge to the brands he works with.


Jennie Fernandez, Enterprise Client Success Manager @ ReSci

Jennie works with a variety of clients at ReSci, implementing marketing strategies to ensure our clients are successful. She brings her experience from working with top brands at digital media agencies.


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