Birdies success story

Using Personalization to Create Best In Class Customer Experience

Birdies are stylish flats that are secretly slippers. It combines style, comfort and everyday versatility, with celebrity fans like Meghan Markle.

Birdies wanted to provide the best customer experience possible, but in meaningful and effective ways. That meant not treating all customers the same, and each should have a curated experience with the Birdies brand.

With ReSci they were able to understand their customers better and what messages resonated with them. They discovered things like when a customer was ready to buy, messages around comfort worked better over style; when they were at risk of leaving, reminding them to refer a friend for $20 off their next purchase worked the best.

Retention Science’s A.I. was able to drive personalized and relevant messaging at the right time, every time to their customers, which in return increased engagement rates and revenue.



Conversion Rate Increase


Open Rate Increase


Unsubscribe Rate Decrease