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 Campaigns Made Easier with Artificial Intelligence

Top e-commerce brands are running Cortex and seeing massive, positive results. With Artificial Intelligence, marketers spend less time focusing on creating email campaigns that attempt to target every user, and more on creating email campaigns that will target every user, uniquely and personally. Marketing automation makes email campaigns easier to set up and easier to maintain. You won’t lose track of your workflows or spend hours trying to set them up. Just plug in your creatives and Cortex will intelligently do the rest. See how these brands are using Cortex to power their email campaigns (click any example to expand):



Before you were leading your new users down a linear path in hopes of a conversion. But users don’t act linearly. Let our predictive High and Low Intent stages accurately determine which new users have a higher probability of purchase, and which new users should skip their next welcome email entirely and get something else instead.

You are the architect, and Cortex is your super smart friend who can help you sell your product with a higher ROI, and strengthen retention and acquisition.


The key to retention is understanding and optimizing for all the stages of the customer lifecycle. Other products will give you standalone pieces to set up yourself, with static cadence and high risk of oversending. Cortex knows which stages and content perform better, and will send the optimal message only, with no additional sweat needed from you.

All the user triggers like cart + browse abandon and post-purchase follow ups,  as well as item triggers like price drop and back in stock, are all here and automated for you. In addition, our powerful Ready to Buy stage will increase revenue from your email channel.


Customers won’t stay customers forever. Make sure you catch those users who are slipping away as quickly as possible with our predictive, one-0f-a-kind At Risk stage. Get your churners back, and keep nurturing those dormant users with evergreen touches to drive persistent revenue from your most disengaged users.



Introducing Smart Blasts, a truly unique new method for sending your weekly promotions and newsletters. Enabled alongside with Cortex, everyone will receive a message on your schedule, but the “AI in your pocket” will find those users who would convert with a different lifecycle message. The math here is simple: send the same number of emails as you normally send, but let Cortex find more conversions with a better message.

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