Real artificial intelligence


Predictive power behind all our automation. A platform that can make decisions on your behalf. Come see what the future of marketing looks like.

AI seamlessly integrated
with marketing automation

Cortex is the only marketing automation
platform fueled by AI. Predictions and decisions
for each user, and a system that constantly
learns and adapts.

Email automation

Self correcting subject lines, different predicted send intervals for each user, the right message for the right user without over-emailing, and plug and play product recommendations. You can even promo blast to your heart’s content, and the automation will just work around it.

Create impactful emails

Templates that inspire
with responsive templates for all devices

Simple WYSIWYG editor
to express all your creative needs

Subscription preferences
to better understand your subscribers and lists

Leverage AI at every step
to skyrocket engagement and open rates

Lifecycle automation
no more missed conversion opportunities

Reach your customers
at the right time based on data

Product recommendations

Insert personalized product recs in any email, and only trigger item alerts to users based on their item affinity. Amazon doesn’t have to be the only company with access to world-class recommendation systems.

Smart triggers

Say goodbye to clunky, rule-based triggers that need time and effort to set up, and let AI do all the work for you. Most trigger platforms can’t even identify all your users. Send price drops, new arrivals, and back in stock to only those users who are interested in those products, with Amazon style similar item recommendations.