The first predictive customer data platform


A unified view of your customer. Predictions for every customer. Integrations with multiple data sources.

Turn your omnichannel complexity into real customer
insights with measurable results

A unified view of your customers with deep segmentation, and true
predictive CLV, Churn, lead scoring, product recommendations, and more–all in one place.

A unified customer view

Take your data from multiple sources and merge them into a single customer view, and have all your activity and orders in a centralized place. Slice and dice your data with a robust segmentation tool. All of this without multiple applications or tools.

Customer predictions

Find out which customers are leaving your business before they actually leave, and tell your VIPs from your churners. Predict how much users will spend in the future, and see which customers are starting to change their spending habits.

Pocket Data

ReSci’s premium predictions-to-go feature. Get access to data that only data scientists have access to. See market basket analysis, deep dive into your product recommendations, and see how churn and repeat purchases impact your bottom line.