Meet Cortex


Give it some content.
Add a few dynamic tags.
Our AI will do the rest.

The future of marketing is here

AI that shows lift. Real automation that saves
time. And a customer data platform that
organizes all your data across channels.

Email automation

Brands on Cortex have seen a 60% increase in email engagement rates and a 45% increase in purchase rates. The secret weapon is predictive automation. Provide the content and Cortex will help deliver messages at the right time, every time. Download our Cortex ROI study here.

Artificial intelligence everywhere

Without needing developers or analysts, score your new visitors for propensity to buy, learn which lead sources are most profitable, and sync predictions to Facebook and Google to optimize your ad campaigns. Retain your customers with predictions for CLV, churn, price sensitivity, product recommendations, and timing.

Customer data platform

Get a unified view of all your users and activity from different data sources. Dive deep into your user predictions, spot behaviors before they happen, and learn who your customers really are. Real predictions and data that will deliver real results for your business.