Smart and powerful segmentation


Dynamic segments created by our AI, standard marketing segments, and of course your own.

Grab the low hanging fruit

Our smart segments help marketers target the right customers faster.
The segments are dynamic so you don’t have to keep updating or creating lists,
giving you more time to work on strategy and creative.

Smart Segments by Cortex

Our segments sort users by their ReSci exclusive Churn Score and Lifetime Value metrics, predicted by Cortex calculations. These predictive segments will help you target your most valuable customers, customers at risk of leaving, customers ready to buy, and much more. Smart Segments are dynamic so you don’t have to constantly update and create new lists. Utilize next-level segmentation by combining predictive segments with demographics, purchase activity, and more to target customers even further.

Dynamic content ecommerce marketing

Segment based on predicted intent & behaviors

Cortex creates segments for valuable metrics: customer activity, purchase history, and gender. Want to target customers that only purchase with discount codes? Or visited your website in the past 30-days? Cortex can do all that and more. Our powerful segmentation tools help you target the right customers accurately every time.

Sync segments for social ads

Take all your segments with you to Facebook and Instagram. Use Facebook Custom Audiences and targeted lookalike audiences to reach your customers on one of the world’s biggest social networks. Integrate and sync segments to Facebook in a press of a button.