Seamless social media & ad sync


Sync your data to power social media & ads to capture more customers

Easily connect and target customers
on social media & ads

With a click of a button,
instantly sync your data
with social & ad channels to leverage
ReSci’s powerful predictions and segmentation tools

Simple social & ad sync

Sync your customer data to provide a true omni-channel customer experience with the largest ad networks in the world. With a simple click you’ll be able to leverage customer data into Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Ads fueled by segmentation

Sync custom and predictive segments directly into Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Our predictive segments are dynamically generated every day, based on ReSci’s AI models. Combine predictive segments with demographics, purchase activity, and more to gain a deeper understanding of your customers so you can target them even further.

Capture more customers

Create look-a-like audiences based on targeted custom audiences and capture new customers. Use look-a-like audiences for winback campaigns, cross-selling, and much more. Acquire new contacts directly from Facebook pages and ads through Facebook Lead Ads. Brands like Olay and Gillette leverage our social ads to grow their customer base. Talk to us to learn more.