Meet Cortex


Give it some email templates.
Enable a few dynamic tags.
Our AI will do the rest.

The future of marketing is here

AI that just works. Real automation
that saves you time. And
predictions in your pocket.

Email automation

Brands on Cortex have seen a 60% increase
in email engagement rates and a 45%
increase in purchase rates. The secret
weapon is predictive automation. Download our
Cortex ROI study here.

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Lead scoring and ads

Score your new visitors for propensity to buy,
learn which lead sources are most profitable,
and sync predictions to Facebook to optimize
your ad campaigns. The top of your funnel will
never look better.

Predictive analytics

Dive deep into your user predictions,
spot behaviors before they happen, and
learn who your customers really are. Real
predictions that will deliver real results
for your business.


AI seamlessly integrated
with marketing automation

Cortex is the only marketing automation
platform fueled by AI. Predictions and decisions
for each user, and a system that constantly
learns and adapts.

Email automation

Self correcting subject lines, different
predicted send intervals for each user, the right
message for the right user without over-emailing,
and plug and play product recommendations.

Product recommendations

Insert personalized product recs in any
email, and only trigger item alerts to users
based on their item affinity. Amazon doesn’t
have to be the only company with access to
world-class recommendation systems.

Campaign reporting

Detailed performance reporting and
trends on your ReSci campaigns. Cortex
will keep your deliverability up while
driving your revenue through the roof.
See how the AI can perform for you!

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Learn which customers will be most
valuable in the future, and which customers
are at risk of churning.

Truly predictive and adaptive
CLV and CFV, Churn, lead scoring,
product recommendations, and more.

Customer lifetime and future value

Predict how much users will spend in the
future, and see which VIPs are starting to
change their spending habits. Segment your
traffic sources and geographies to see where
your most (and least) valuable customers
are coming from.


At risk and churn

Find our which customers are leaving your
business before they actually leave, and
find out who your churned customers are. Don’t
let your VIPs slip through your fingers.

Pocket Data

ReSci’s premium predictions-to-go
feature. Get access to data that
only data scientists have access to.
See market basket analysis, deep dive
into your product recommendations, and
see how churn and repeat purchases impact
your bottom line.

Integrate ReSci with your
other business platforms

Integrations with your favorite
e-commerce platforms, email capture,
leads ads, and much more

Shopify for e-commerce

Seamlessly plug in your Shopify store
with ReSci and be up and running instantly

Magento for e-commerce

Our Magento extension plugs your store into
ReSci so you can be up and running in no time

Facebook: Official Marketing API Partner

As an official Facebook Marketing Program partner, ReSci can sync our predictive segments to your Facebook ad account so you can boost the ROI of your ad campaigns.

Privy for pop-ups

Add Privy to capture new customers on
your website, and our integration will
sync users to ReSci in real time

ReCharge (coming April 2018)

Automatically pull user subscription
data from Recharge to ReSci so all
your data is in one place

Swell (coming April 2018)

Our Swell integration pulls in
rewards balance, coupon, coupon text,
referral link, and more for each user

LoyaltyLion (coming April 2018)

Our Loyalty Lion integration pulls in
rewards balance, coupon, coupon text,
referral link, and more for each user

Annex Cloud (coming April 2018)

Our Annex Cloud integration pulls in
rewards balance, coupon, coupon text,
referral link, and more for each user


Automatically sync users captured in
Facebook Lead Ads to ReSci in real time,
as well as other lead sources


Use social images of products instead of
stock photos for product recommendations so that
there is “Social Proof” influence in an email