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Say “Hello” to Cortex,
the central hub of our AI technology. Cortex uses your data to identify and track subtle changes in customer behavior, predicting the best actions to drive maximum engagement.

Cortex then acts on these predictions, automatically sending the most relevant message via the channel most likely to convert. The result? 1:1 personalized experiences that keep customers happy and your business booming.


Intelligent features, multichannel delivery. Craft uniquely tailored experiences for your users across all channels, from email to in-store, with these features:


Automated Sends

True automation: AI both predicts and automatically sends the best message.


Smart Recommendations

Predictive product recommendations based on advanced data science methods.


Dynamic Offers

Maximize profit margins with 1:1 discounts based on price sensitivity.


Timing Optimization

Algorithms find the best day of week, time of day, and frequency of reach for every user.


Deep predictive analytics on an individual user level, as well as detailed performance metrics for every one of Cortex’s decisions.



“Retention Science has totally transformed lifecycle marketing for us. Their technology does the heavy lifting of choosing which messaging will best convert; we focus on making better creative to keep the conversation going. I wish this existed two years ago!”

– Jack Lin, CEO & Founder

increase in click rate

increase in open rate

increase in conversions

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