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See how our recommendation engine is being utilized by top brands.

Similar Items

Our sophisticated AI uses semantic analysis and pattern recognition to find similarities between items in your product feed. Utilizing similar items have been shown to drive bigger basket sizes and repeat purchases.


Customers also Bought

Utilizes other customers’ purchase behavior
to recommend items. Interested shoppers will find inspiration in seeing what other customers have also bought along with their current product. This automates the cross selling work for you across all your marketing channels.


New Products

Excited about showing new products to your users? We will find those users most interested in these new arrivals, while finding different products for those less interested.


Recently Viewed

Recommend similar items to your browsing history. Our algorithms will find similarities in those items a user has recently browsed, and is a powerful way to drive engagement and conversions.


Search Term Matching

Sometimes users didn’t quite find what they were searching for. Our product search engine and semantic analysis will locate products for these users that they may have missed.


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