How can brands adapt during COVID-19?

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What does COVID-19 mean for brands?

Virtual event

Vincero Watches on how they are conducting business during COVID-19. Sponsored by ReSci.

Conquering the holiday rush


Prepare for the holiday rush in three phases: plan, execute, and retain. Hosted by Foodstirs + ReSci.

Capturing the modern customer


Data and personalization to increase email open and conversion rates. Hosted by FIGS + ReSci.

Retention and predictive analytics


Purchase probability, churn, customer future value and more. Discover more in our whitepaper.


Data-driven email marketing


Identify your audience, personalize content, optimize timing, and measure campaigns–all in this guide.

Predicting customer churn


Learn how you can calculate, predict, and prevent customer churn from happening. Download to defeat churn.

Navigate lifecycle marketing


Get a breakdown of marketing funnel stages, best practices for each, and examples from winning marketing teams.

Subscription industry report


State of the subscription industry, customer trends, and what keeps some brands from profitability.


Learnings from the CMO of Belkin


Kieran Hannon dropping some serious knowledge on what he thinks it takes to be a great marketer.


Secrets to eCommerce success


Secrets from founder of Forerunner Ventures that discovered and nurtured brands like Birchbox and Warby Parker.

eCommerce insights from Birchbox CMO


Deena Bahri, CMO of Birchbox, shares her path to CMO and her years of marketing knowledge for marketers.

Insights from Greg Bettinelli


From managing partner at Upfront Partners, co-founder of MuckerLab, and the former CMO of HauteLook.

Subscription marketing strategies


Learn how to extend your subscriber’s lifecycle, and how to keep those customers engaged so they stay put.

Techstars: Life of a startup founder


Techstars Executive Director Cody Simms, and ReSci CEO Jerry Jao chat on a broad range of topics on start-up life.

The ROI of true automation

white paper

With 99% statistical confidence, this study proves ReSci creates significant revenue impact for commerce businesses.